1. DSCN6003 186x300 - Jaran Ditapichai and Napas Na Pombejra on the protests Statement by Jaran Ditapichai from New Mandala.

Jaran Ditapichai has been involved with protests in Thailand for 40 years:

“General Sonthi Boonyaratakin staged the coud d’etat on September 19th, 2006. The coup had special characteristics distinct from previous coup d’états.   The first being that it was supported by intellectuals, the middle class citizenry and most major Thai media outlets.”

Alternatively, a yellow shirt perspective by Napas Na Pombejra regarding her problem with the reporting of Dan Rivers, a CNN correspondent:

“If they are incapable of obtaining genuine, authentic facts from any other source except the Red Protest leaders and red-sympathizing Thai translators or acquaintances, or from fellow non-Thai-speaking journalists who are similarly ignorant of Thai language, culture, history, and society, then perhaps CNN should consider reassigning field correspondents to Thailand.”

Her words are interesting in light of Thailand’s standing in the World Press Freedom Index at 153rd behind Afghanistan and Pakistan.