It’s protest season in full swing here in Bangkok and today it was anti-government protesters who assembled at Lumpini Park who provided the entertainment.  Under the majestic Rama VI statue there was ideology splashed everywhere.  With the Thai parliament opening this month, an Amnesty Bill is the first order of business, this bill is sponsored by the Pheu Thai Party to give amnesty to anybody accused of politically-related crimes from the time of the military coup that ousted Mr. Thaksin in 2006 to May 2011.  Royalists fear that this would pave the way for Thaksin Shinawatra to return.

Below are images from the protest:


 “Government project loan: 2 million million baht…debt… debt…”


“Populist plan for Peu Tai — nationl debt: 100%”


“Morality &  conscience…government power & benefit”


“Confucius Peace Prize—debt, failed water management, agricultural price fixing, corruption 3 million for floods…”


                           (Based on a Thai proverb:  “Cannot cover the whole elephant with a lotus leaf.”                                                                   Lotus leaves are placed on the deceased.)

“Threaten court…failed water management…cannot cover with democracy…”


“Hello, Thaksin…Nahmahsahkahn (นมัสการ: Thai honorific for monks)”

Wirapol Sukphol and Thaksin are having a conversation.  Wirapol Sukphol was a monk who lived a scandalous life and was subsequently defrocked in absentia.


“Things are so expensive…The government is trying to fix the problem…

 What is the government doing now?… Trying to reduce the cost of living?…

…The only thing the  government is reducing is Thaksin’s punishment…”


“Politicians! Stop corruption!”


“Government corruption with rice program…farmers are in trouble everywhere…

คนหนักแผ่นดิน  kohnnakpahndeen (deadwood)…

…White masks try to help the country!”


“We stopped slavery a long time ago.  Red Shirts are just like the slaves of Thaksin.  So pathetic.”


“Thaksin the prisoner has gone mad… he dreams of being a president…

He wants to be a dictator…Go to hell!  Go die!  …Don’t ever come back!”

(image of coffin)


“Toxic rice phenomenon…


…This is the greatest cheating ever in Thailand…

…This disaster is 10 times worse than the tsunami…

…Keep your eyes on this issue.  Don’t blink.  This evil regime will come back again.”


“If you want to see the light (Dthahsuwan: ตาสว่าง) listen to the radio channel by Mr. Choopong Teetuan (ชูพงษ์ ถี่ถ้วน) (Guest speaker)”


“How can these Red Shirt leaders have graduated from military schools and not pay respect (jongratpakdee: จงรักภักดี)  to royalty—understood in Thai culture…”