DSCN5951 300x160 - Red Shirt Protest UpdateWell, it continues to be quiet an experience.  I have interviewed two Red Shirt leaders and I am waiting to see if one of the interviews will be published by a certain website.  Tomorrow I’m going to go to the “multi-color” rally.

Today I started videotaping and I plan on loading up this video when I get the proper cable.  With this new mac they’ve changed the fire wire ports.  I saw a famous war photographer today  James Nachtwey .  He very much looked the part, actually he didn’t look like a typical photo journalist that I have seen here with the customary long hair, slovenly dressed.  He looked like a thin Blake Carrington with an aristocratic air about him oozing self importance.  Later when it got a bit crazy and the crowd started to yell I ran over to ask a Thai person what was the matter and then walked over to him and suggested that he not wear a dark shirt and he looked at me like I was his butler and asked, “Who are you?”

I tell everyone I meet that these soldiers are never going to come so long as there is a critical mass of protesters present.  The Reds Shirts nod and smile in agreement when I say this.  They know the game.  It’s a waiting game at this point.

It’s awful what the government is doing portraying these protesters as wanting to overthrow the monarchy.