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The Future of Thai Politics at the FCCT

The Future of Thai Politics talk at the FCCT on March 11th with

• Alongkorn Polabutr, senior member of the National Reform Council & former deputy leader, Democratic Party
• Chaturon Chaiseng, former Education Minister, Pheu Thai Party
• Kasit Piromya, former Foreign Minister, Democratic Party
• Phongthep Thepkanjana, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Pheu Thai Party

A great evening and great responses from various stakeholders in Thai politics. The FCCT did a great job with this one. A few tweets below and the full discussion in three videos at the bottom.


Protests in the Middle East

images Protest theory is a hot item these days with Dr. Gene Sharp’s 198 methods of nonviolent protest coming to the fore.  Included in this list are “skywriting,” “earthwriting,” and “disrobing” showing that protesting can be as creative as it is disruptive.



July 19th, 2010

DSCN6052We’re Sorry Thailand

This video is banned on television in Thailand.

The translation: (via The Economist)

“Did we do anything wrong?
Were we too violent?
Did we listen to only one side of the story?
Did we perform our duties?
Did we really think of the people?
Were we corrupt?
Did we exploit people?
Did the media make people wiser?
Did our society deteriorate?
Did we love money more than what was right?
And did we just wait for someone else to help?
If there was anyone to blame, it would be all of us.
Apologise, Thailand.
And if there is anyone who can fix things, it would have to be: all Thais.
Keep the loss in mind and turn it into our force.”



Standoff on Ratchaprarop

An interesting op ed from two well known writers here in Bangkok.  And a video on the protest.